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The following is as of 01/03/2005, for historical infomation!

Cleveland News & Views (henceforth CNV) is a Talking Newspaper for the Visually Impaired, produced on a 90 minute compact cassette. The content comprises the News side, 45 minutes of news items taken from our local print newspapers (primarily the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette). The second side of the cassette is a 'magazine', which includes more general items, including local history, adverts/prices, information relevant to VIPs, etc. Some of the feature items read are also from the local papers, including the Northern Echo.

CNV has been in continuous production since July 1977. For many years the tape was produced once every 2 weeks, but since March 1993 (Issue 403) we have produced weekly. Tapes are NOT produced over the Christmas holiday period, so we've had 25 fortnightly or 50 weekly tapes each year. The issue dated the 21st Feb 2005 was issue No 904.

CNV has about 350 regular listeners in the local area, centered on Middlesbrough/ Stockton, but a few are spread all over England (people who have lived in the area). We send out far fewer tapes than that each week, as many listeners do not get every tape. We are totally dependant on the fact that we qualify for FREE postal service under the 'Articles for the Blind' concession granted by the UK Post Office, and generally the service we receive from the PO is excellent.

Production - The News side is recorded 'live' each week, and this alternates between a session on Monday morning at the Teesside Society for the Blind's premises, and a session on Monday evening at St Margaret's Church Hall at Brookfield, Middlesbrough. At the time the news side is recorded, the Magazine side has already been done by Geoff Barnard - this is recorded at home comprising some items read by JGB and items previously recorded by other volunteers. Returned wallets are usually processed on the Monday afternoon, and the copying of the tapes is done on the Tuesday morning (we now have a set of Sony High-Speed cassette copiers). Listeners would normally get their new tape on the Wednesday morning.

New helpers are always welcome - initially e-mail Geoff Barnard