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Started 14th June, 1997, Last update, 26th October, 2014

This entry into the Wonderful WWW is VERY MUCH Under Construction. All my pages have been lovingly prepared using a DOS text editor, and are not intended to be pretty-pretty. Hopefully, I'll have some useful information and/or comment instead, if that's not too boring! I might even find some relevant links, but I'm sure you're clever enough to find your own!?

By the way, for WWW browsing with DOS I use Arachne, working in DOS Graphics mode. The program is still developing, and there are some gaps in support still to be plugged, but it works well. For more information try ARACHNE Home Page


The following will all turn into Pages in due course!

YOUR HOST - A little bit about ME. If I don't blow my own trumpet, no-one else will!

Something about the WEDDING of Victoria & Geoff!

MOANS & PLAUDITS - Just some brief notes on matters that are currently annoying me, or pleasing me.

WORK - Well, I've not retired just yet. I've spent about 15 years working in Local Government (Admin), followed by about the same time in the private sector (small business computer programming). The latter ended in the dreaded redundancy, but as by then I was the totality of the 'programming department' I got to keep all the clients. I'm now self-employed, and still programming as (Data-Sage), but on the lookout for some other things on the side.

STAR TRADER - A Game/Simulation I'm working on, slightly based on some parts of the Alliance/Chanur works of C.J. Cherryh. I hope to explain further, and make the present program available for comment/test if anyone expresses interest.

SPACE - OK, it's a long term view, but the Human Race has NO FUTURE on this planet, and a questionable future in this solar system, and I would like to see something being done about it. NASA is making an effort, but I'm not convinced about the details.

TALKING NEWSPAPERS (for the Visually Impaired) - Something else I spend a bit of time with.

SETTLERS - I spend far too much time playing Settlers II (incl the add-on 'Missions' CD, whereby I recently completed my conquest of the whole world - BIG DEAL ?). Big pity there are no ships in the new games, nor can they be included in the world editor. More comments later.

MY FIRST COMPUTER - in particular, the Epson HX-20 - some comments and some notes/information from the old HX-20 User Group. There seem to be a few examples of this machine turning up 2nd hand.

WINDOW MOANS - Or why I don't like Windoze, in spite of what Dave H. keeps saying about it.

UK Pound Coins Something Really Trivial, just for the hell of it.

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